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Shay Mitchell

We love the wispy style of Shay’s fake lashes. They help widen her eyes while still having a natural vibe that will have everyone second-guessing whether they’re real or not. Side note: We predict she’s wearing cruelty-free faux mink lashes - her go-to makeup artist Patrick Ta has confessed to using them on her in the past, plus they give a really nice ‘real lash’ look like Shay has here.

Kylie Jenner

It’s pretty rare to see Kylie Jenner without a set of dramatic fake eyelashes on. While we love seeing Kylie bare-faced, she sure knows how to enhance the shape of her eyes with a false lash and winged eyeliner combo.

Jennifer Lopez

Talk about doll eyes! From just mascara on the left to the biggest set of false lashes we’ve ever seen on the right, J.Lo’s eyes have gone from almond-shaped to round doe-eyes. Ah, the power of falsies


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